TSD Universal Smart Charger 7.2-12V for NiCad & NiMH batteries
TSD Universal Smart Charger 7.2-12V for NiCad & NiMH batteries
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Product Description
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Light Indicator when Charging
Large & Small Tamiya Adaptor
Auto Trickle Charge Function
Charging style will Re-energize some Dead NiMH Packs
Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz 700 mA Max
Output: 20V 09A/1.8A
7.2v - 12v Selector Switch

Two output levels .9A and 1.8A. For battery packs 1100 to 2100mah you must use the .9A setting or you will overheat the battery. Only battery packs over 2100mah can use the 1.8A setting

Calculate the proper amount of time required to charge a battery by dividing the battery's milliamp capacity by the chargers charge rate, e.g. it would take a 1800 rate charger - 2 hours to charge a completely drained 3600 mah battery.
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