ICS Olympic Arms PCR-97 M4 AEG by ICS
ICS Olympic Arms PCR-97 M4 AEG by ICS
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Muzzle Velocity:
330 FPS
Power Source:
Product Description
The newly designed 2006 version of the PCR-97 MIL4AS AEG from ICS will is now available to the public, after numerous stages of research and development and product testing.

Performance highlights: From initial conception of the ICS PCR-97 MIL4AS AEG, ICS maintains the highest level of quality control. The utilization of high precision casts and machined aluminum enables ICS to further enhance structural strength, and also give the ICS PCR-97 MIL4AS correct weight and balance and a much more realistic look and feel.

All Metal Construction Perfect metallic performance is a basic character of ICS. The ICS PCR-97 MIL4AS follows tradition and will feature full metal construction. Included in its all metal construction is a full metal receiver, removable carry handle, outer barrel, front and rear sights, sling mounts, mag release, front barrel assembly, flash hider, ejection port cover and cocking handle, and more. The ICS PCR-97 MIL4AS AEG series is also designed to utilize the maximum available space within its fore grip and the fixed stock to accommodate a wide range of batteries depending on your AEG application, training, game playing duration, or modifications.

Reinforced Outer Barrel The ICS PCR-97 MIL4AS AEG series has a unique outer barrel that's incredibly strong and is precision mated to the reinforced aluminum receiver. This eliminates the common barrel wobbling problem know to all other makes of M4 AEGs. This design also allows a smooth exchange of the barrel assembly and fore grip to the soon to be released ICS PCR-97 MIL4AS carbine configuration. (RIS type configuration)

Strong upper receiver: The cast and machined alloy upper receiver has the standard integrated Weaver rail. This will support any attachments or the detachable carrying handle with precision fit and will reliably withstand the stresses of both practical training or gaming.

Newly designed forward assist: You can push the forward assist to release the spring tension before storage. This is designed to release the spring and piston back to the forward position to avoid the usual wear and tear caused by spring tension. This feature greatly increases the lifespan of your AEG!!

New 450 round high-capacity magazine: One high capacity magazine is supplied with your ICS PCR-97 MIL4AS AEG and is the same size as the normal and high-capacity magazines you're currently used to and are also the same size as real M16 magazines. A new enhanced spring loads up 450 rounds smoothly.

Unique Internal Components: New functionality and construction are the main features. The PCR-97 MIL4AS represents our best efforts to provide an easy to operate AEG while having exceptional upgrade potential. Many spare and upgrade parts are coming soon!

New Hop up system: The upper feed seat of Hop up made of a single piece. It ensures that the BBs flow smoothly into the correct position without fault. The adjustment knob rotates steadily to correctly adjust the hop up without problems.

Receiver pins: ICS upgraded the function of the front and rear receiver pin as well. They installed a locking spring at the end of both receiver pins to avoid the problem of most standard pins shaking loose when experiencing the intense vibrations of constant shooting. The upgraded receiver pin join the upper and lower receiver perfectly. It is also easy to push the pin out using only a screwdriver, saving you a lot of time during the assembly process.

Modular gearbox: This gearbox is constructed in two parts: an upper gearbox and lower gearbox. The entire top cylinder and piston assembly is separate from the gear and motor section. This revolutionary modular design helps users to exchange their piston/spring assembly easily in a skirmish and also perform faster maintenance and repairs. This design increases the overall convenience of upgrading or downgrading your AEG's firepower in a skirmish to accomidate many different shooting applications. Have you been using a stronger spring for greater range, then need to swap out that spring for a indoor CQB game? This gearbox makes it fast and simple. Precision molding also ensures that both the upper and lower sections mate perfectly and ICS has patented their gearbox lock lever. It allows the upper and lower gearbox sections to firmly lock together for a strong and precise connection.

Low resistance switch assembly: ELECTRIC POWER is the power source of all AEGs. Many users eventually upgrade to low resistance wiring when upgrading or repairing their AEG. ICS uses low resistance, high conductivity selector plates and switch assemblies on their new PCR-97 MIL4AS to eliminate the resistance caused by heat which is the product of electric power. The new low resistance switch assembly provides the best efficiency for the output power.

Velocity: 430-450fps when using 0.12g BBS, 330~350fps when using 0.2g BBS, 300~310fps with 0.25g BBs (For best accuracy, use either .20g and 0.25g BBs)
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  • Full Stock Version
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs (3500g)
  • Length: 34 1/2inches (875 mm)
  • Firing Rate: 805 BB/minute
  • Motor: ICS Turbo 3000
  • Power: Electro Pneumatic Rechargeable Battery
  • Orange muzzle
  • Battery and charger not included
  • New Turbo 3000 Super Torque Motor!
  • New Precision Cut Motor Pinion Gear
  • Precision Cut No. (Bevel) Gear!
  • Steel Bushings!
  • Low Resistance 16-AWG Electric Wiring
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