Echo 1 Madbull Chronograph
Echo 1 Madbull Chronograph
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Echo 1
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Product Description
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  • Pre-set B.B. weight v.s. energy (Joule) 0.20g .023g 0.25g 0.30g 0.33g 0.43g 0.89g
  • Self-supply internal sensor light source. You can use it indoors or outdoors. Day time or night time.
  • Extra large size diameter, (20mm. You can even measure the velocity of paintballs.
  • External Barrel Adapter for aiming straight.
  • Using 6F22NT 9VBattery.
  • Auto shut down in 120 second to save battery life.
  • Blinking when low battery
  • Handheld small size: 12.5
  • 5.5
  • 5cm
  • Tri-pod adapter on the bottom.
  • 6061T6Aircraft aluminum. Extremely durable.
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